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Blender Breaker

This has to be the dumbest person in the world, I can't believe he would try something so stupid at the end... He's lucky he wasn't maimed ;)


by yak

submitted December 10th 2006

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Yak, I'm suprised you out of all people haven't seen the original videos this paradoy is based around: http://www.willitblend.com/

"15 dollar signature gourmet blender"

12 years ago
Yeah, I saw this shit a long time ago. Stuff was addictive. Couldn't stop watching the videos.
12 years ago
One of the blentech videos was posted here.
I was at a trade show where they had one, this guy took tap water and but it in the blender. the friction is so great that it boiled the water on the spot and he made me and everyone watching soup.
12 years ago
If it can do that then I definately want one.
Unfortunately I have the feeling their regular "home use" blender won't be capable of that, I'd probably have to buy the over priced industrial model...somthing like 1300 bucks mabey more
12 years ago
I really wanna see the Blentech video of him grinding the crowbar...
12 years ago
Too bad those scissors didn't go through his hand...
12 years ago
*holds the band's high note*

*puts on touchin' shades*
12 years ago
i like how he flinches when it starts, as if hes thinking "I know this is not going to turn out well"
12 years ago
Imagine the scissors goung into his his eye :)
12 years ago
Imagine them going a little lower than they ended up. From his technique, he looked to be from the Tom Green school of acting.
12 years ago
i'm waiting for him to stick his fucking head in there!
12 years ago
I don't need to blend styrofoam though.
12 years ago
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