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Kid Fight

2 kids going at it in the backyard.


by yak

submitted December 10th 2006

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go nigga, get him peanut, get him nigga, nigga, motherfucka, nigga,
12 years ago
awwww shit son get dat fu nigga beat dat dome in nigga nigga nigga nigga naw mean
9 years ago
All I heard was a bunch of (what sounded to be) fat people going "hay hay hay hay woa woa" and then this guy sits up right and snrrravvvs like a fucking badger hyped up on crank who's gotten loose in a bowling alley on the west shore of the missississsisssisipi.

12 years ago
What the fuck was I thinking writing that?
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
Its mowglifighting ffs
12 years ago
Oh it's already past a millenium and we still revel in our mammalian brain. I guess that's how we progress. Fuck thought, fuck progress, give me a gun and a slut. I think we tried to advance too fast, it's nature lashing back at us. It's all fun though, really is. I am gonna get a beer.
12 years ago
I anus is itchy and my finger smells like Mongolian beef. Coincidence?
12 years ago
i remember as kids that age we would stuff socks with more socks and put them on our hands like boxing gloves...well socks never stayed on right so we would end up with fights like this....without the yelling like a dumbass
12 years ago
9.0 from the pedophile judge.
12 years ago
Ahhhhhh, how cute, their mullets are still growing in!
12 years ago
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