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Out of Control Fire "Trick"

By trick I mean accident and by out of control I mean funny.


by yak

submitted December 9th 2006

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BAHA i love how his friend's natural instinct jumps in, and he swings at him with a stick and kicks him.
12 years ago
leave 'em on, leave 'em on!
12 years ago
What ever happened to people teaching their kids to stop drop and effing roll in the FUCKING SNOW next to the tracks to put out their flaming pants?
12 years ago
Well I bet that the kids who put gasoline on themselves then run through fire.... Missed that day of school because they triped up the stairs on the short bus.
12 years ago
HAHAHAHA, no kidding, its FUCKING SNOW, dumb ass runs towards the gravel. Dont they teach you stop drop and roll in kindergarden? Then they beat and kick the shit out of him. boy, i love white people!
12 years ago
I feel sorry for that kid...his balls must be like cooked chestnuts!
12 years ago
12 years ago
fire, gasoline, train tracks... c'mon, how can that not be safe?!
12 years ago
Chicken's ready.
12 years ago
Oh i get it! they were trying to finish him off before the fire did! you know, so that he doesnt have to feel the agony of burning up alive and shit
12 years ago
but his pants were soaked in gasoline.. do you think snow would put that out? my guess is not..
btw he deserves having horribly burnt legs, if he can think of omething this stupid!
12 years ago
Your avatar scares me
12 years ago
suburban kids with gasoline make me laugh alot..
12 years ago
Fire on the Mountain, Run Boys Run!
11 years ago
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