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Evolution of Video Games

Pretty cool short showing how far we've come in not really THAT many years of video game technology, sad thing is I can pretty much name all of these games ;/


by yak

submitted December 9th 2006

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good, up to that last sequence, which was the bullshit CGI sequence put together to 'demonstrate' the potential capabilities of the PS3, even though it was running on Maya
12 years ago
CGI stands for "computer graphics imaging" ...therefore whats more stupid is your comment about CGI...seen how all modern video games are, CGI.....and I dunno if you have actually seen gameplay from the new games for PS3...but, they look almost real....
12 years ago
i'm sure he just means a non game play scene :P
but as far as amazing gameplay graphics.... check out the game called motorstorm, its a racing game for ps3.. its fucking insane... if you are driving through muddy land, the ground actually deforms with your tire tracks and shit
12 years ago
Hahaha Funny cause thats the exact game I had in mind.
12 years ago
why dont the vids play on firefox?
12 years ago
i use firefox and the videos play fine. they're flash, so maybe you need to update your flash player or something
12 years ago
i use only firefox also, no problems getting anything to play
12 years ago
send a comment with your browser version, as well as the flash plugin version.... if you are trying to view something that needs a new plugin in firefox it SHOULD have a puzzle piece at the top of the screen
12 years ago
brings back memories!
12 years ago
So muchoworthy...
4 years ago
Such awesomeness...
4 years ago
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