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Skateboard Backbreaker

I could feel that one :(


by yak

submitted December 8th 2006

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He's really lucky he caught himself with his hands, or else he probably would have broken his neck.
12 years ago
LOL! in what language does Fuck have an h in? That was sum "Fuhhcked" up swearing

12 years ago
12 years ago
Wow yak, thanks for bringing back all the painful memories of the stunts i have tried. Usually with similar result. OOUUCCHH!!!!
12 years ago
It makes you wonder if this is what he was trying to do in the first place eh?
12 years ago
I feel less of the uptight and superior somehow.
12 years ago
fuchhhk did u hear the crack when his back bent 2 a 90° angle
12 years ago
see if he didnt have long hair like a girl that wouldnt have happend
12 years ago
hrm... Are these videos smaller than the ones from the older version of the site? They seem to be a lot more pixelated than before. Kind of makes it hard to see what's going on (not so much so for this one, but definitely for other ones).
12 years ago
the fact that they are over 2x the physical dimensions probably has something to do with that
12 years ago
ppl need to chill on the pixellation thing. unless yak is downloading hi-res vids, downsampling them to a tiny size, then stretching them into a pixellated blob it's not worth sweating over. mucho1 vids didn't look pixellated because they were about 10 pixels square. i'd rather have room for a larger video and some of them look pixellated than all of them look like shit because you've got to squint to see them.
12 years ago
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