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You Know You Are Cut Off When


You or your friends can't hold a camera steady for even a seconds while you are fucking some drunk whore who smells like they shit themselves.


by yak

submitted December 8th 2006

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Fucking europeans
11 years ago
Those fuckers are british, they don't even know Europe if they can't swim
10 years ago
wow, not only was the accent annoying but you couldnt see shit with Parkinsons holding the camera.
11 years ago
you know aside from the audio you really have no clue as to what that that guy appears to be fucking...werid
11 years ago
It's kinda like the Blair witch as a porno....
11 years ago
what accent? GO CHAP! shag that bird!!
11 years ago
hahahah, "she stinks to shit"
"oy bitch, look at me"
11 years ago
Ha ha smelly cunt
11 years ago
Well that was worth watching....
11 years ago
Right..stupid video
11 years ago
british girls are the easiest!
11 years ago
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