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The Furious Comic

One guy you don't really want to insult... Imagine what his wife or girlfriend must go through?


by yak

submitted December 8th 2006

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hahaha this was hilarious


I wont even mention that other guy cuz it'd be far tooo easy.

i shall leave him alone...
12 years ago
did he make a public apology too?
12 years ago
he did apologize on stage
12 years ago
Bill Hicks
man, it would have been great if that was a better Camera and it showed her face
12 years ago
Shows in some contrast why Bill Hicks was loved so dearly by his fans, he took things to those kind of extreams and still made it funny regarles of what people thought.

...almost makes me wana find a cure for cancer, then mabey it'll give me some legal right to beat the shit out of denis leary
12 years ago
ummm, guess this guy got outta th' wrong side o' th' bed that mornin'... was more fun lookin' at th' nakkid birds on th' side o' th' screen...
12 years ago
She has the cunt'rol over men...or so she thought! sorry women of MS...I know you hate the "C" word.
12 years ago
Kramer should learn from this. Bill Hicks is awesome!
12 years ago
ya if that lady wouldve been black then this guys life wouldve been ruined. kramer will never be able to eat out with his family again. let that be a lesson, kids. dont insult a black person when cameras are watching!
12 years ago
See Kramer? All you had to fucking do, was throw in a fucking punch line and bounce it off as a joke. Thats all he had to do. But Noooo he ran off the stage and it was a big deal. This guy vented his anger then made them laugh and IT wasn't in the news. It wasn't a HUGE deal.
12 years ago
yeah but see... bill hicks was the king of this kind of shit..... kramer... obviously not so much :P
12 years ago
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