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Motocross Crush

Talk about having a bad day... First you wipe out... then THAT!


by yak

submitted December 8th 2006

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(i'm putting this here cause there's currently no comments, but this relates not a drop to the video) guess what balls malone! it *finally* happened to me with the systemscan ad popup thingy you were talking about. now we know where it's coming from in our ad spots and can start working towards getting rid of it.
12 years ago
okay update for you balls - lava talked to the ad people and i sent them screenshots and stuff, and it *should* be resolved on monday sometime so those ads shouldn't show up anymore then. apparently they don't like working on weekends. i only saw the system scan one, so if you see a system dr one, please email us screenshots of it to admin@mucho
12 years ago
get spybot or somethin...
shit thats gotta hurt...
12 years ago
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