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U-min Japanese Pop-locking Crew

The one guy with the big hat is pretty impressive.


by yak

submitted December 7th 2006

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these guys will own any pop lockers from here
12 years ago
i c so puking and shiting all over each other rnt the only things they r good at
12 years ago
no i've watched enough mucho videos to know that *ALL* asians are expert breakdancers as well ;/
12 years ago
and at yo-yoing... they're really good at that too
12 years ago
Technically the world is still moving so they suck at pop locking.
12 years ago
This is pretty cool. What is pop locking exactly anyway?
12 years ago
*stop* *move* *stop*
its like what people who do the 'robot' or 'wave' are doing basically
12 years ago
I like the guy in the top hat.
12 years ago
at first, ay was gonna make some lame comment about th' guy in th' top hat, lookin' like Willy Wonka, an' th' other guys bein' his Oompa-Loompas -- but, ay REALLY ENJOY'd watchin' that. ay don't care what anybody sez - THEY'RE GOOD.
ay can't wait 'til ye get th' Download Feature back, ay wanna download that one!! that's kewl.
12 years ago
if you like stuff like this just click the word (tag) 'breakdancing' under the title for a bunch more ;/
12 years ago
yak, we know. Stop selling.
12 years ago
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