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Ropeboarding Learning To Fly

A new extreme sport is born??


by yak

submitted December 7th 2006

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fun. that is
12 years ago
redneck xgames are fun
12 years ago
lol read my mind
12 years ago
Skateboarding for those who can't afford wheels. I wanted to see one of them swing into the tree but I got bored after 30 seconds.
12 years ago
I'm not even a racist, thats was so insane about this!

What is the name of that awesome song? It must be Bob Marley.
12 years ago
the song is Redemption Song by Bob Marley
12 years ago
I can see this being potentially sucessful as a new extreme sports...unfortunately for these guys the chances are it won't take off because it would almost be impossible to sucessfully market - almost anybody could replace the deck with a piece of plywood and then glue on sandpaper for griptape.
12 years ago
Then again if you publisize the shit out of it, give it a cool name like "swingboarding", and get some major label skatboard icon to make a commercial with it...you can pretty much sell anything. Kudos to these guys
12 years ago
look at the positive side. atlease these guys are out side doing stufs and not in front of at TV.
I miss the 80's this is the type of shit we would do in the hood. but we had BIG @$$ Nash boards back then.
12 years ago
ugh. got soooo bored 1/2 way thru. that borders on nervewracking. it was like watching skateboarders, an' waitin' fer 'em t' crash an' break their necks, an' almost miraculously, at the last second, there's a bungee-cord attach'd t' 'em.
ay kept waitin' fer any number of 'em t' crash int' walls, or that one bloke t' go thru th' window.
12 years ago
wish'd he had've. now THAT's Entertainment!
12 years ago
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