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Halo 3 Short

An awesome little teaser for Halo 3.


by yak

submitted December 7th 2006

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is that for halo 3 or halo wars?
12 years ago
Sweet! Hi-def vids on MS!! Or as close as were gonna get...
12 years ago
Is this actual gameplay or just some CG movie about the game? Most of this shit you see isn't even gameplay.
12 years ago
It was the Halo 3 commercial they aired in HD during Monday Night Football. It was created by Digital Domain and doesn't represent gameplay. Nonetheless I still think it is one badass commercial.
12 years ago
yeah its pretty nicely done... not that i've ever played halo (or even want to)
12 years ago
yes you do!
12 years ago
you just dont know it yet
12 years ago
it will be a while before we see some gameplay aspects of halo 3, the game isnt even scheduled to be released until some time late next year.

i like this teaser, but i also like the first one they made using the actual xbox 360 processor. surprisingly these too, graphically, look very similar.

i just hope bungie adds the assault rifle back into halo 3. i miss it so much, the SMG sucks.
12 years ago
but dual smg is nice, its the battle rifle that really sucks.. single and burst. i miss full auto :(
12 years ago
well you just dont know how to play, the battle rifle is the shit, headshots left and right.
12 years ago
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