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Ghost Rider 5

Ghost Rider is back to his insane speeding!


by yak

submitted December 6th 2006

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That was lame, just an ad for ghostrider 5. Damn, that guy has some skill though.
12 years ago
baddest man on a bike next to david jeffries (RIP)
12 years ago
So what happens when the police order a copy and ask whom to make the cheque payable to?
12 years ago
Good point!
12 years ago
so where are these guys from? seemed like they hang out in europe a lot.
12 years ago
Booddles...your cute!
12 years ago
^i doubt that's really his(her?) real face..
12 years ago
from what i've seen of europe, there are a LOT less road patrols and speed traps on the highways/freeways/motorways
12 years ago
i hope he crashes and dies! he's putting other peoples lives at stake with his dumb actions..
12 years ago
Upsala = Sweden
Nurburgring = Germany

Ghost Rider = Swedish
12 years ago
I might have to illegaly download this off piratebay.
And those people whose lives he puts at risk deserves it.
12 years ago
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