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Most Hated Sibling

This is how I was when my parents told me that I was going to have a sister... They had to buy me that Starwars Han Solo gun that made all the different noises just to calm me down.


by yak

submitted December 6th 2006

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By the looks of it, that bitch should have an abortion, or three.
12 years ago
I dont blame the kid...lets think whats going through his mind...
1.) Im the eldest, so whatever didnt work with my parents on me will be "picture -perfect " for her"
2.) Christmas presents down on the stock exchange by aYET -ANOTHER 25% by the looks of it...
3.) Just another 2 boyfriends per year of my existance Ill have to punch out for being a fucktard....Im gonna lose count and make alot of enemies younger than me who'll soon grow to beat my ass...
4.) 3 Girls, 1 Boy means my allowance is gonna take a hit from the channel corp.
5.) I might as well shit and piss in the backyard cause I aint gonna see the bathroom as long as I live...here.
6.) A lifetime of whining phone calls about recent break-ups
7.) A strong Desire to join Boxing just to keep your head on straight...with every punch you feel closer to your brother..

now thats just a taste...now lets look at some obvious positives

1.) A never ending supply of your sisters friends too tap for you and your friends.

Ya, shut the fuck up kid!
12 years ago
Probably the type of people who bitch about how poor they are but shoot out 4 kids nonetheless. I totally understand this kid. He's probably thinking about how he's gonna have to live in that shit hole forever.
12 years ago
12 years ago
i need an avatar......
12 years ago
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