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One Hot Babe


I just don't see how you can talk a girl into getting half naked and then get set on fire... 18+


by yak

submitted December 4th 2006

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good ole' steve-o n the boyz.
12 years ago
12 years ago
she was on fire!
12 years ago
^how can you be tricked into doing this? what a jackass!
12 years ago
^oops dont mind the '^'
12 years ago
Should kept the tape rolling justa bit longer when shes outta the room and Steve-O says to the camera "She was on fire way too long dude.." or something like that...funny
12 years ago
men do stupid things and women are whors.. oh wait now they do stupid things and are whors, horray!!!
12 years ago
That inspires me to concoct a new drink and call it "Fiery Nipple".

Now I want to see how the "Buttery Nipple" got its name.

Not to mention the "Bushwhacker".
12 years ago
Wow, they're ALL fucking dumb.
12 years ago
well... I dont see how she dident say no when they mentiond halfnaked and fire but oh well
12 years ago
Girls believe all kinds of lies guys tell 'em: It won't hurt at all to do it in the ass, I love you, it's 10 inches long, wanna see, etc...
12 years ago
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