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Iraqi Road Terrorists

And one more time America, YOU'VE BEEN SERVED! Are you not safe anywhere from these terrorists??


by yak

submitted December 4th 2006

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12 years ago
11 years ago
... by the gayest moves on the road.
12 years ago
Man, I just wanted one of them to lose their grip so badly...
12 years ago
I wanted to see one of them hit one of those little yellow reflectors. maybe they wernt in the rebuild iraq budget...
12 years ago
this is normally something I would chalk up to board suburban white kids doing Jackass stunts, not Arabs, thats why its so hilarious to see Muslims doing this,
and its also amazing. Their asphalt seems to be brand new
12 years ago
Its cuz we blew the shit out of their old roads
12 years ago
I want a pair of slippers like that! BTW was it just me or do you think the ice capades had a tremendous influence on their technique?
12 years ago
i'm not sure what disney character they were dressed up as? :P
12 years ago
Thats insane..and very awesome at the same time.
12 years ago
lol those crazy iraqis and they zero-friction slip n slide slippers!
12 years ago
I guess when you get your adrenaline rush just by going to market the daredevils have to start pushing it.
12 years ago
Hahaha that was hilarious!
12 years ago
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