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Hot Workout

I'm sure a lot of guys will get a "workout" watching this, too bad its just in underwear and not naked.


by yak

submitted December 4th 2006

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*begins to cry* im so happy....
yaks being to nice... im scared...
12 years ago
how do I get drool off my keyboard?
12 years ago
so are we supposed to watch or exercise along with them?
12 years ago
not that i've been to the site they advertise, but i fully suspect they don't give a shit what you do as long as you give them some money :P
12 years ago
not gratuitous enough
12 years ago
If they ain't naked then I don't care. It was funny to see the computer graphic of the purple arrow tittyfucking the one chick and jizzin her face though.
12 years ago
"not that i've been to the site they advertise..." Um...riiiight! I tried to post on the thread but it wouldn't let me???
12 years ago
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