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Brave Asian Girls vs Crocs

Well... Brave or stupid, or both.


by yak

submitted November 21st 2006

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that croc is drugged, no doubt about it. even so, it is insane to act like that in front of those killing machines. . .

"I pretend homeless people are you and I burn them"
12 years ago
I wonder how many girls they go through a week.
12 years ago
I almost fell asleep.
12 years ago
Skummy's dead-on. That's one drugged reptile.
12 years ago
aw i thought that croc was gonna open her head like a fortune cookie
12 years ago
The best part about using Asian women is when you have to replace one, nobody can tell.
12 years ago
This vid reminded me of the guy who performed the same trick but ended up with his head in the crocks mouth.
12 years ago
I was lead to believe that when something touches a croc's tongue his jaws automatically shut. I was lead wrong.
12 years ago
$nake your right,when something touches the mouth its reflexes tells it to shut.Even thou it could be a stick and it can see it.Its something natural for them.So after watching this video those croc´s are drugged no doubt about it.I didn´t really gave it a closer look but i think they might be gators.
12 years ago
For legal reasons they can't show their first favorite clip from Thailand?! Fucking pedophiles.
12 years ago
I seen it in Thailand.I agree. either drugs,or the croks like pretty girls.
11 years ago
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