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Top 10 Bush Moments

My favorite has to be "confused stare"


by yak

submitted November 21st 2006

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is that last one suppost to be sasquatch or somehtin??
12 years ago
Please impeach bush, or kill him along with dick cheney.
12 years ago
they missed a lot of better ones, like "fool me once...." or the time he didn't know what tribal sovereignty was and so just BS'ed it
12 years ago
You know what's funny? He's screwing up just as much as a normal person (and I'll admit it, less often than I screw up), but he gets his screw-ups on national media. Of course, he is the President, so maybe he shouldn't fuck up as much. "Fool me once... mmm...shame... shame on you... uhh.... Can't get fooled again."
12 years ago
Letterman's a choad; has been since he stopped wearing sneakers (tennis shoes, trainers, or whatever the fuck you want to call them now-a-days) to work. My favorite is when he said "to the gynecologists giving their love to thier patients" or something like that.
Bush is not particularly eloquent, but he gets the big picture. Seriously, years from now his policies will be studied and understood, much like Reagans are today. No, not perfect but insightful and remarkably spot-on for the times.
12 years ago
^ And which policies in particular would they be?
12 years ago
Look at the bright side, if he wasnt elected, what would've 1/2 of the worlds media been able to talk about in the last 6 years?
12 years ago
(holds hand up!) Oh! I know which Reagan policy was the best!

The one where he funded, trained, and armed Bin Laden!
Hurray for 'seeing the big picture'!

I actually feel sorry for Bush. It seems pretty obvious that he is in WAY over his head. He strikes me at the type of guy who made it through like on his Dad's money and name - now that he has to actually do something himself, he's like a blind retarded kid with no arms trying to swim upstream.
12 years ago
ROFLMAO Number five, the confused stare. Classic.
12 years ago
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