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Guy Dislocates Jaw for PS3

Some idiot smashes into a pole racing for a Playstation 3 at Wal-Mart. Ironically, the guy that pushed him into the pole got his hands on one.


by SweatyPete

submitted November 21st 2006

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fuckin nerds
12 years ago
This ps3 bullshit makes me sick to my fucking stomach, somewhere I saw a spoof of an xbox 360 game called "ps3 launch" with people killing each other in a store for the released consoles.
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago

Oh! And what a fucking ideot for running into a pole!
12 years ago
well now he cant suck cocks for a while and still no ps3, but i think its a good idea to throw my face to a pole and get a law suit.
12 years ago
How is this ironic? I think it would have been more ironic if the guy who got his face smashed got the PS3 and the other guy didn't.

How could they not foresee what would happen with a race? A bunch of largely uncoordinated, cynical and very, very desperate nerds running to stand near a brick wall was always going to end in tears.
12 years ago
i gear the ps3 is full of glitches and shit anyway.. is not even worth it.

except maybe reselling it on e-bay for $1500

thats a good investment then
12 years ago
12 years ago
these people are so lame.
12 years ago

Incorrect statment there loose, it should have read ... "Whoever buys a PS3 off ebay for 3k from someone who was smart ;) and camped out to buy it on release has no life!"
12 years ago
I would have sued wal-mart straight off the bat for holding such an event. Do you know why they have multiple fire exits? Do you know what happens when 100 people charge to the same path without solid direction or guidence, people end up getting hurt and people end up getting killed. Wal-mart is a plauge on the United States, they have the ethics of a freakin murderous horny bull.
12 years ago
This whole PS3 craze is beyond stupid...buying one for 15k??~~?

Give me a fucking break...

And what Wartmall did was typical for that corporation...we will see more of that kind of stuff at Wartmall the day after Thanksgiving... Except it will be fat ladies body slamming each other for some free tea lights...

Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry
12 years ago
xbox360 betch
12 years ago
the guy who pushed him then took the playstation 3 and smahed it in front of the rest of the people in line , videotaped it and it will be on Muchosucko in 48 hours so WOW fans can jerk off to it
12 years ago
the walmart (ca san leandro) we camped at to get a PS3 (to keep not sell) had people about 60 people waiting for 12 ps3.
the manager had the people leave the parking and race to the front door (100 + yards).
it was 60 people some running and some driving 40+ in the parking lot...all of this while the (i hate video games police dick was watching). the manager did this twice....finally he did a raffle ..half the winners were employees.....wish I had my video cam...
12 years ago
Jesus Christ, just wait a few months and you can have as many as you want! You fucking go and hurt yourself for some video game machine? Sheesh!
12 years ago
Why did he camp outside?
Why did he run to a chair?
Why did he hit that pole?
Why did he had to dislocate his jaw?
Why did he want to mumble into the camera?
What the hell did he say?

'this is living'
12 years ago
if they have only 30 per store why do they preorder over 100? if a line forms of over 30 people send the rest home...........oh and did you hear about the guy in kansas that was gettin robbed along with everone else in line for their $600, where was the mall security? lol......and why have them wait outside at midnight?
12 years ago
God, how great would it be to be his lawyer. 20-30% of a juicy settlement from Walmart!
12 years ago
Watch PS3 is just waiting to hear all the complaints and glitches with this version, and they are going to fix them... The next batch that comes out is gonna be more reliable and all these people that waited in line are going to be fucked.
12 years ago
They race for a chance to buy one? You mean they arent even free? What the hell?
12 years ago
who the fuck thought of a race? the manager at walmart? oh wait nm i guess.
lol you can tell its in a midwestern town.... "this is my brother's coooot"
12 years ago
fuck. just get a xbox360 already. i rather wait, watch and see how the PS3 turns out. Plus, i just want to get some games for it.
12 years ago
Yeah, I pushed his ass into the pole so what! (LOL)
He should just be lucky he didn't get shot like some other fool did a week or so ago. I love how these idiots know it'll be an outright malae and people will do whatever it takes to get a spot ... then when they look like the fool they need to press charges.
What a dumb ass. Wallymart should settle this by giving him a free playstation.
All losers and scalpers.
12 years ago
i would have pushed his dumb ass into a pole too.
12 years ago
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