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Asking Jesus why a beaver is a beaver...

this is pretty weird and annoying... enjoy


by c00k13puss

submitted November 21st 2006

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Wow that lady has some issues I hope she figured out by now she's just a lesbian, that or she's in a home for adults of some sort...... :/ how akward I cant believe I watched the whole thing morbid curiousity I guess.
12 years ago
the bit about the foreigners.. it is gold.
what show is this? it's so kooky
12 years ago
She had an epiphany...
12 years ago
Is that anything like a jorgangasm?
12 years ago
this is from the same video or show where the guy was talking about his mom beathing the gay outa him..
12 years ago
They are both poor actors, think borat, but not funny at all. Sperm transporter, these guys, and a few other crappy skits. This sucks.
12 years ago
I feel embarrassed...:(
12 years ago
A beaver is hairy and chews wood
12 years ago
Both of these people need cerebral enemas. Between this dumb shit broad and that dumb ass Margaret Cho, Asian comedy is set back to the Dung Dynasty.
12 years ago
Ha, they are talking about Naked Gun not Airplane!

12 years ago
11 years ago
bollox twice
11 years ago
total bollox
11 years ago
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