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Calvin is crazy

That little fucker is crazy, hobbes isn't a real tiger shit head!


by eskimoes

submitted November 22nd 2006

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Calvin and Hobbes: Best. Strip. Ever.

PS if that is what insanity is like, sign me the fuck up.
12 years ago
really you like calvin and hobbes? i'm kinda 'meh' about it... wizard of id was awesome tho ;/
12 years ago
yeah ima calvin and hobbes fan too. introduced to it by a friend who absolutely loves it.
12 years ago
Wow, whoever made that is an idiot and missed the entire point of the Calvin and Hobbes strip.
12 years ago
derabmumbo, its a parody from a tv show called robot chicken, and your an idiot for missing the joke.
12 years ago
yeah Mumbo, get a grip, if anything the person that thought this up was indeed a C&H fan.
12 years ago
Woo, Robot Chicken!

And yeah, Wizard of Id is cool. Way better than BC.
12 years ago
I would have to agree though. C&H was the best of them all.
12 years ago
Honestly I never read Wizard of Id, gonna have to check it out though.
12 years ago
Calvin and Hobbes was kickass.

For my money, nothing beats good ole 'Bloom County' though.
Bill the Cat was fuckin cool.
12 years ago
hmmm I'm a big fan of Wizard of Id...Ironicly I also really enjoy robot chicken
12 years ago
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