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new way of getting around no gas needed


by Stephen

submitted November 22nd 2006

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What if you forget something halfway there?
12 years ago
Well CNN does have to fill 24 hours...
12 years ago
Ohh i heard they used this method of transportation back during the Roman era to send troops over fortified walls.
Unfortunitly it was abondoned due to complications such as gravity and death.
12 years ago
^ ??

I thought gravity was a necessity for the plan to even work in theory not a complication. Now death, yeah I can understand the complication.
12 years ago
gravity can be a complication and a necessity.

necessity - landing

complication - launched too far away or not aimed correctly. going into walls head first hurts....alot
12 years ago
^How the fuck would you know?
12 years ago
12 years ago
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