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Bank of America

I can't tell you how awkward I would have felt during this if I was there.... I bet like everyone in that place is thinking "HOLY SWEET JESUS WHY COULDN'T I BE WATCHING A POWER POINT PRESENTATION"

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by yak

submitted November 23rd 2006

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(gun drops to floor...blood starts pooling...my parents find me hours later)
12 years ago
it's better if you skip around the song, and write down the random lyrics you generate.
12 years ago
Whos dick did they have to suck to get that high on the corporate music ladder?
12 years ago
OK that was more compelling than any reason communists or anarchists could come up with to destroy capitalism.
12 years ago
Wow...that was horrible! Really really bad....
12 years ago
I would rather stick a red hot poker in my grundle than do that. ever.
12 years ago
why the fuck did they give a standing ovation????!?!?!$
12 years ago
pride in their jobs, that's cool i guess.

i bet there was some bitches all emotional and crying over that. haha.
12 years ago
*fap fap fap fap fap....one bank, one card...fap fap fap*
12 years ago
No doubt its pure shitty but it really does look like he put some thought and effort in to that shit which makes me even sadder for that poor bastard
12 years ago
i cant stop lol'ing at keefbox's comment... i think that might mean its sleep time for me ;/
12 years ago
as a staunch capitalist and republican, I fully support this video and everything that happens in it, if it wasn't for corporations none of us would have jobs to pay the taxes that fund the social programs that the liberals on this site leech from in order to enable them to post on the internet all day long instead of contributing to the economy.....

so what if people like their jobs? I love my corporation and, secondly to the american flag, I swear loyalty to my company's flag......

if it wasn't for the liberal media the people mocking this video wouldn't have been indoctrinated to perceive it in such a biased manner, this is a video of purity and righteousness and what good citizens should be..... proud of their job, and proud of their nation!

God Bless America and god bless George Bush! FREEDOM is on the MARCH!
12 years ago
sorry too embarassing to watch
12 years ago
AHHHG I couldn't even watch all of that. God bless all those frustrated bankers out there, wishing they were rock stars.
12 years ago
Jesus tapdancing christ NO MORE!!

jasper calm down, they just hating on whoever let him on stage
12 years ago
... and the stock continues to go up?

12 years ago
I've seen worse. We had the Second City troupe come perform at one of our company "stroke each other off" sessions and they did a great improv night. But of course it gets ruined by fucking morons who don't realize work ended at 5PM...

Second City: "Okay someone yell out a profession!"
Idiot: "Clinical research scientist!"
Second City: "Uhhhh, okaaaaaay.... Someone yell out something bad that could happen to you."
Idiot: "Chronic gastrointestinal irritable bowel syndrome!"

How come there are by-laws saying every public place needs to have fire extinguishers within easy reach, but not shotguns?
12 years ago
I hate the Yankees
12 years ago
I think he missed his true calling...he should've been a rock star!! lol
12 years ago
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