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Michael Richards Public Apology

Man he sounds kinda fucked up in the head


by Stephen

submitted November 23rd 2006

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Whaaat a fuuucking jerrrrk.
Oh, and career over btw.

(stop laughing...it's not funny)
12 years ago
Just watched it again...what the fuck is he talking about?
Other nations?

what the fuck...just let the re-runs play and call it a night dude.
12 years ago
to be honest at least he apologized about flying off the handle, whether it was real or him just acting sorry *shrug*
12 years ago
^^ lol i definately agree with u on that, ju-jitsu? lmao fucke it ill still watch seinfield =].
12 years ago
im not agreeing with yak but with Django =] but yak u have a point...what else is gonna do send every black 5 dollers and a fucken apology card?
12 years ago
id pretend to be black for 5bucks!
12 years ago
Yak, I gotta wonder how sincere his apology is when it's his career that's on the line here. I kind of think he realized how serious this all is - I've watched the meltdown video about a dozen times now, and I think it's still pretty shocking. People were walking out of the show in support of the hecklers.

When did Letterman become a two panel news-like talk show? It was like Larry King with those stupid city titles under the images.

I was a huge fan of his from Transylvania 6-5000 - I mean...he was Stanley Spadowski in UHF!

Can't say I like him too much now...and what was with that stupid British accent he was putting on during his stand-up routine?
12 years ago
*shrug* too.
12 years ago
i'd have to say that letterman did that because jerry asked him to... at least that would seem reasonable to me.
12 years ago
I should probably let this go...but...

(taken from Wikipedia just now)
According to the two African-Americans who were targeted by the outburst, Frank McBride and Kyle Doss, they were merely ordering drinks after arriving late to the comedy club, and not heckling. The two men, represented by Gloria Allred, are planning on suing Richards in the near future. McBride and Doss also recently appeared on Hannity & Colmes to discuss their version of the incident. The two African American men did not accept Richards' apology, with Doss stating “No, I think that apology was totally fake, it was forced. I feel like that was a career move. It wasn’t sincere.”

On November 22, 2006, reports surfaced that Richards had made Anti-Semitic comments during a stand-up routine earlier in 2006. Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, confirmed the report, but added that the remarks were made as part of the act, and that Richards himself is Jewish.[20] The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, citing sources familiar with Richards as well as a television director who has worked with Richards for several years, have noted that Richards is not Jewish.

(I guess that's where the whole Mason thing comes into it.)
12 years ago
Oh, and with regards to the Letterman thing...if I was Letterman, I'd be an idiot not to have him on the air - it would be like Leno scoring Hugh Grant after he picked up that fine piece of ass on the Hollywood strip.
12 years ago
Django, there are also reports that the hecklers interrupted the show and yelled at Michael, saying he wasn't funny. Of course only the people who were there know what really happened, everything else is hearsay.
Personally I think hecklers get everything they deserve. Heckling shows a lack of respect to not just the performer but to everyone else in the club who IS enjoying the show. If you're not prepared to show somebody else respect, don't expect it in return.
Whether or not this was a case of heckling that got way out of hand is impossible to decide from the footage I've seen. It seems awfully convenient that someone who brought a video camera (or camera phone) to the show didn't start taping until Michael fired up and let loose with the N-word.
12 years ago
Man that looked awkward at the start, reminded me of a 5 year old having to apologise to the whole school. Plus he looked as sick as a cancer patient.

It looks pretty well over for him but if he genuinely is against racism he can use the incident as advantage not only for his good but for everyone's good by publicly campaigning against racism.
12 years ago
capnjohn maybe they started videoing it because he started going on a rampage? thats my guess.
12 years ago
its not like you can sit there and record the whole show on most phones.. the battery will die or the shitty hd will fill up :)
12 years ago
Shit man, he sounds sorry. I've lost my temper before, you know shit gets heated...people get shanked with a rusty piece of prison steel and what not.
But for real I got love for him, he gives us a lot as Kramer and he does sound like he's a bit lost. I think it's rad that he apologized to the audience too.

And I also know when comedians are in the zone they do have to let loose. I still got love for him.
12 years ago
I thought his stand up routine was pretty funny? I don't see what everyone is mad about.
12 years ago
nah man... dont apologize... niggers need to be hated too!
12 years ago
I'm sure the hecklers use of the term, "white cracker" wasn't brought up during that Hannity and Colmes interview. Thats just as racist. They're not famous though (yet) so I guess its not as big an issue. Its two sided, one guy was much more vocal about his hatred obviously, but I don't think that should keep these two guys exempt from any ridicule. They responded out of frustration just as Stanley Spadowski did.
12 years ago
I'm watching ET right now and the two guys are telling their story...Jamie Foxx is gonna kick his ass! Watch out Michael...
12 years ago
I think it's alright to lose your cool - and sometimes unavoidable that you will lose your temper even...but there's a line right? I mean, he'll never be able to take back what he said now - if he had just lost his cool without name calling, people would have forgot the whole thing. Now, he'll forever be associated with that word.

Interesting to note: (more wiki)
Richards is a Master Mason, and also holds 33° in the Scottish Rite; he is very active in preservation of masonic research, and in his personal life is an avid reader. He is a member of the following lodges: Riviera Lodge No. 780, Culver City–Foshay No. 467 lodge, Southern California Research Lodge. He is also a Life Member of the Los Angeles Scottish Rite Valley and a Life Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society.
12 years ago
I saw the Hannity &Colmes show they were on.
"yeah, there were about twenty of us and we walked in in the middle of his act and I guess that was a distraction". I'll bet it was. "...and there's a two drink minimum so we were all ordering up and...I guess we were kind of loud". "...and I yelled down "my friend don't think you're funny."
This all from the two suing with Gloria Allred as their lawyer.
Sounds like they were a bunch of assholes that thought they could get away with it...because they're black. Who's gonna call them out? A racist?
So Kramer calls a spade a spade. The whole thing is sheer unintended comic genius. And I don't even like the guy.
12 years ago
You see, this is what happens when you just sweep something under the rug. Racism is alive and well in America and although we act like it's not, it is and slowly but surely, it's been rearing it's ugly head in the entertainment community lately.

You do realize it will never go away, don't you?
12 years ago
this idiot needs to apologise directly to RyogaVee, until then forget it!
12 years ago
ok ...I havent read any of these comments but I did watch the whole thing and lemme tell ya...thats called manning up. If you apologise and some people dont accept it , then that goes against all Christian values. People make mistakes. So he fucked up and then owned up to it. Well done Kramer.Be real people.
12 years ago
if you haven't read any of the comments here, how can you tell people to "be real"? just curious.
12 years ago
i read them afterwards...put your hard on back in yer pants man, im not that cute.
12 years ago
you read them afterwards? lol
12 years ago
^Of course. His comments are far more significant than any others that have been posted.
This whole thing has made ALL races show their true colors. Like I said, this is real comedy!
12 years ago
ok, so he apologized on national tv. what more can he do?
i think at the time he was just trying to hurt/offend them the best he could, which meant that they were really on his nerves.
we all make mistakes like this.

lol@cotb: he really did look like a cancerpatient!
12 years ago
We are all bigots in some way, i bet if you followed those blacks around you would hear them saying "cracker" "fucking jew" "gook" and the whatever other racial slurs, when they were angry at a person of a certain race.
12 years ago
he shouldnt have apologized. he shouldve just came on and said "look. theres black people and theres niggers. ive got nothing against black people, but those assholes in the crowd were niggers"

i mean lets face it, if it were 2 white guys heckling chris rock, and chris rock started screaming CRACKERS, CRACKERS, CRACKERS! the whole crowd would probably laugh their asses off like it was the funniest thing they ever saw, and no one would ever think twice about it. but because he's white, his whole life and career are both ruined.

i say fuck it. dont apologize. make them aplogize to you.
12 years ago
Did anyone notice how he kept saying "Afro-Americans?" It's like saying "Euro-Americans" or "Mexi-Americans." He does seem genuinely upset and sorry, but subtle things like that leave doubts in my mind that he's not racist.

I'll give him this, though. It took courage to make an apology like that on live national television. Too bad his career is pretty much over.

Also, I thought that the audiance laughing at first was pretty funny for some reason.
12 years ago
These black people are a bunch of cry babies.
Us white people do not give a shit if you call us crackers or whiteys.

I respect the black people who dont do shit like this, They made such a huge deal just because of a word that THEY USE almost every day.
Why is it okay for you to say NIGGER and not white poeple?

He even apologizes on T.V. And you still don't give it up.
STFU and stop pittying yourselves.
12 years ago
Now that was fun
12 years ago
Once again the white man has to bow down to the niggers with attitudes. I have spoken with numerous "African Americans" about this and EVERY one of them thought "how sad for Richards but who really cares?".

What the hell is with Jerry anyway "stop laughing" - what an arrogant jack ass. It WAS funny! It is also sad to see yet another white guy getting so much shit for saying "nigger" where Jesse jackass Jackson gets away with "Heimytown", "honkies" AND "cracker ass."

Can't have it both ways, niggers!

Happy Thanskgiving from your favorite white trash, cracker-ass, honkie, wop, dago mother fucker.
12 years ago
fuck-nut: wrong- he didn't call a spade a spade; he called a spade a "nigger."
12 years ago
First of all Jesse Jackson is a joke. But so is Micheal Richards. The first comment about the fork in that ass was funny, but the rest was just overkill. Paul Rodriguez was at the club and he said Richards did suck for the first ten minutes of his set. When I go to a club I expect the comic to make a joke worth a damn in the first two minutes. But you probably won't believe him because he's a spic. Leave all the extra baggage from the rest of your shitty life out of the subject monkeyfuck. It seems you would be for Micheal Richards if he gutted a fucking baby on stage. Same for you Tunes.

12 years ago
Gee I wish I could sue people for calling me whitie. Except that I'd have to be such a fucking worthless pussy to even pretend that I was offended.
12 years ago
KKK is in full force tonite.... stupid crackas
12 years ago
thing is you cant sue someone for calling you a name.... they can try to 'sue' him but theres no way in fucking hell it'll pan out... if it does the states is more fucked then people thought.

if you think that calling someone 'nigger' is the same as calling someone a 'cracker' you are a bunch of stupid honkies :P
12 years ago
my opinion hasn't changed.
i have no sympathy for the hecklers.
they really were asking for it.
i'm bored of this now.
12 years ago
^ you've moved onto bigger and better things like plushie porn? :P
12 years ago
Hasn't anybody else noticed that he appears to be on crack or something? Mr Richards is not mentally sound I don't think. All the long pauses and shit, where his brain doesn't appear to be functioning.

Plus...lol @ 'Afro Americans'...that's kinda a Freudian slip where he's trying so hard not to be offensive, that he actually totally fucks it up. Jesus, I know plenty of black people. Just call them black for fuck's sake. None of the black folk I know want to be called 'African Americans'.

12 years ago
Micheal Richards will probably go to 'rehab' and fix whatever made up problem him, Mel Gibson and every other silly goose in Hollywood has. BTW whatever his hecklers are suing for , I hope they lose big. They're probably lying just to get some Kramer money.
12 years ago
"The two men, represented by Gloria Allred..."

I'd say what I think about her, but since I'm a man, she'd sue me.
12 years ago
...Oh and one other thing.

This is something that cracks me up about black people who use the term 'Cracker' or as dey says in duh hood 'Cracka'...
When they use the word in attempted racial slur, they are in fact, proving to many of us that they are quite ignorant.

Do ya know what 'Cracker' actually means?

Well here it is...

Historically, Cracker horses were an essential part of the cattle industry in Florida, which began almost 500 years ago and flourishes today. Florida cowboys were nicknamed "crackers" because of the sound made by their whips cracking in the air. They used 10- to 12-foot-long whips made of braided leather. Snapping these whips in the air made a loud "crack" That sound brought stray cattle back into line fast and earned cowboys the nickname of "crackers."

Many rode rugged, rather small horses known as "cracker ponies." This name was also given to the small, agile Spanish horses that were essential for working Spanish cattle. Over the years, Cracker Horses have been known by a variety of names: Chicksaw Pony, Seminole Pony, March Tackie, Praire Pony, Florida Horse, Florida Cow Pony, Grass Gut and others.

I know this because I currently own three Spanish Mustangs (Cracker Horses) Wabasha, Burn Baby, and Harley.

So the next time you hear a 'nigger' say 'Cracka' or 'Cracker' just laugh at the uneducated fool. :)

(source: http://www.imh.org/imh/bw/flcrack.html)
(source: http://fcha.flahorse.com/history.htm)
(source: http://www.floridacattlemen.org/fca/history.htm)
(for more info: http://www.horseoftheamericas.com/ )
12 years ago
id go for cracker stands for.... crackers.... white bread :P
12 years ago
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