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Bad Acid Trip - Beef Moo

I havent posted anything fucked up in awhile so I figured I would post a fucked up music video from one of my favorite bands. Enjoy!

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by eskimoes

submitted November 23rd 2006

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Not knocking ur brand of music. But time after time metal heads say rap sucks because they cant understand or make out what there saying. Well that goes out the window now becasue if u can make out what these guys are saying RAP should be a cake walk.
12 years ago
it wasnt that hard to figure out some of what they said... it just sucked
12 years ago
I can understand most of it dont get me wrong. Just saying that metal has its short comings to.
12 years ago
Same for rap but people will always fuckin judge, so everyone who does can all go get a goatse.
12 years ago
No, rap sucks because hardly any rappers can actually SING, or play an instrument. Saying lots of words in a speaking voice over a drum machine and samples is not making music, no matter how clear or distorted those words are.

This song makes me sad to be a guitar player. And the "vocalist" should walk into an oncoming train.
12 years ago
I used to think excatly the same thing DayoftheDante, being a person who plays (or used to play) multiple instruments.

But in time I've come to learn that rappers aren't just people creating ryhmes about random shit, speaking them into a mircophone and proceeding to mix them with bass notes and computer generated sounds.

There are infact a great deal of rap artists who show great talent for putting the meaning of somthing ethical or at least intersting into their songs, especially when its done freestyle.

Though they may not sing or see the same value in a musical instrument as we might, to each his own, they have their fare share of talent...even if we dont recognize it on the same par musically.
12 years ago
even if its not recognized on the same par musically* (not limiting that to just you and I)
12 years ago
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