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Bush Product Placement

I suddenly have a compulsion to go out and buy a Dell Plasma TV..


by yak

submitted November 23rd 2006

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That man is an Inspiron to us all, he always has the ability to show things in another Dimension.
12 years ago
is that where *inspiron* comes from too?
12 years ago
"well just last week on a presidential retreat in Alaska I caught a monstor Halliburton"
12 years ago
"We must liberate the Iraqi people so they too can enjoy a Quarter Pounder."
12 years ago
"I see this glass not half-empty, but half-full, half-full of the sweet rich taste of pepsi cola"
12 years ago
"6K Yrs. Ago, When God created the Earth, Adam and Eve drove an Excursion."
12 years ago
"It's all about Strategery!"

"Yeah, I went and saw that new movie, Mission Accomplised 3. I'm George W. Bush and I approve this movie!"
12 years ago
oh, I meant to make that "Mission Accomplished 3"... d'oh, missed a letter...
12 years ago
Dell, in dutch it means slut or tramp :) gemeen del
12 years ago
"I expect the Iraqi people to live free from tyranny, just as you would expect more and pay less at Target Stores."
12 years ago
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