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Fire Jumpers

They could of waited longer...


by eskimoes

submitted November 24th 2006

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you think "i would never do that i can hang on till they get a ladder up there" but in reality with the choking smoke and basicaly being roasted alive i see why they took that route.

i think being burned alive is probably the most painful way to go. short of torture i mean.
12 years ago
Thats what happens when you jump to conclusions.
12 years ago
After the 3rd jump what was that small thing that fell? Little Kid?
12 years ago
^^^ maybe, or a really short person. What country did this take place in? Ukraine? Seemed pretty shitty situation.
12 years ago
They needed those 2 skinny firefighters who comically run back and forth with the blanket in them cartoons. Oh, and carnival music.
12 years ago
<---happy to live on the second story of his apt building.
12 years ago
sad indeed. was that a pile of dead people halfway in the vid?
12 years ago
damn...thats some shit.
12 years ago
They must of been polish. Was i the only one who noticed that the damn firetruck with the boom ladder was cassually sitting still in the begining of the video? If those people could of waited for a few minutes maybe those dumb fireman could get that ladder up there a little quicker and they might have lived!
That must have been quite an impact!
12 years ago
looked like they were giving cpr, anyone know if it actually worked on any of them?
12 years ago
when you are pushing on the chest and the belly is bouncing around like a waterbed it usually means everything inside is pretty much fucked up
12 years ago
And to think, if there was a mattress company nearby these people could have been saved.
12 years ago
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