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Squirting olympics


Finally some good sports to watch 18+


by McWoozy

submitted November 24th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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...and here come the comments on how this isn't really female jizz. In fact, yes it clearly appears to be females just pissing, and passing it off as fountain-like ejaculate.

Jury's out on the one lady who shoots it way higher and further than the others though. Her's could be genuine there...seems like a different, thicker consistency.

I'm sure all you love machines here will have the answers. Bunch of virgins that y'all are.

12 years ago
I cant say for sure. I've never made a woman cum like that. And if I had, I'd punch her in the mouth and make her clean my fucking house, thats for sure.
12 years ago
No Cytherea? Surely she'd of made it to the Squirting Olympics.
12 years ago
I wish I could cum like this. It looks fun.
12 years ago
Female ejaculation is for real and I have made my woman cum like that many, many times before... but by clitoral stimulation and only during orgasm. It's NOT pee!
12 years ago
Ahhhh, see! Knew there would be one!!

Where oh where did I deny the existence of female ejaculation? Of course it is POSSIBLE. I've made my wife ejaculate a few times (happened after her 6th time of cumming in a row once!), but it is not easy or common, and I simply do not believe that these fine ladies are ejaculating in this vid. They are merely doing the old classic shooting of the pee.

The sheer amount of these girls' 'cum' and its height...is unrealistic. I just don't believe them. You can if you like. Like I said above though, the one better-looking girl could be for rizzle...fo shizzle.
12 years ago
my old ladys ejaculate literally forces my penis out of her giner......
12 years ago
keefbox this kind of ejaculate doesn't come from the vagina, but from the urethra.
12 years ago
well whatever it is, its pretty forceful..
12 years ago
I'd beat'em
12 years ago
It is surprisingly uplifting to see them having so much fun. Good for them gosh darn it!
12 years ago
i dont believe for one second that any of you losers have a girlfriend let alone made her even close to cumming
12 years ago
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