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Kid crying during Half Life 2

You fucking Kramer!! lolol


by Stephen

submitted November 25th 2006

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cant see it
12 years ago
why is it in a small windows media player?
12 years ago
nothing to see here, move along.
12 years ago
yeah it no work form-ee jew suck stephen. jew suck.
12 years ago
I cant see it either now.
12 years ago
I sent this one in because its a war game and his friends keep fucking him over by team killing him and he starts flipping the fuck out calling them racist bitches because his guy is black. Then he calls all of them nothing but a bunch of Kramers and it goes on for while.
12 years ago
He's totaly not black, and if he is he has the gayest little bitch black-voice I've ever heard.

Stupid mother fucker never even saw Seinfeld. I love fuckin with little kids in HL and CS they shouldn't even have the game if they can't even buy it in a store.
12 years ago
its better he cry over computer games than pollute the music industry with emo.
12 years ago
this is why i don't teamspeak
12 years ago
The guy hes using in the game is black u idiot. Everyone can tell hes not black by his voice man. cmon.
12 years ago

You totally are an idiot, plz read more carefully what the damn video submitter says next time.
12 years ago
pollute the music "industry"

12 years ago
I think the guy needs a new graphics card or something
12 years ago
fucked up graphics but still smooth.. odd. dumb kids too.
12 years ago
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