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5 targets in under a second

Thats pretty damn fast


by Stephen

submitted November 26th 2006

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Every person born in the United States of America should have a gun at there side at all times. That is what I believe. I also believe that things like drivers education and fire arms education should be started at the age of 15 or something like 9th grade. Awesome shooting by the way.
12 years ago
BradD84 sounds a little psycho, but that -was- amazing shooting.
12 years ago
The lesson here is that if you plan on taking down a redneck, you should bring along at least 5 other guys.
12 years ago
Good one El Wanko :D
12 years ago
haha that was cool as hell

and yea i agree 100% brad
12 years ago
i wouldnt want to have a quickdraw duel with him :'(
12 years ago
You gotta realize, though, he's practiced aiming at those five positions repeatedly. Now, if he could do that with people having moved the targets around, then I'd be impressed.
12 years ago
^lol you're hard to please.. he still did it in the blink of an eye ;)
12 years ago
papasmerf I bet u couldnt do it after u practiced all day. Go back to Blueville Biooootch
12 years ago
what the fuck, what did they ever do to him.
11 years ago
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