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The Secret Behind Squirting Girls


And there you have it...... 18+


by yak

submitted November 26th 2006

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What a whiney bitch. STFU!
11 years ago
all you dumbass iddiots that believed girls can really cum outwards.. HERE YA GO NOW STFU!!
11 years ago
^they can squirt, you moron. Not like the insane vids on this place, but they can.
11 years ago
goddamn you ignorant fucks are starting to annoy me with this shit. IT DOESNT COME OUT OF THEIR PUSSY YOU FAGS IT COMES OUT OF THEIR URETHRA ( aka "pee-hole" for the mentally retarded).


read up. make sure you understand something before you go saying somethings not real, someone might think you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. kinda like i am right now.....
11 years ago
^Hey fuck you asshole!!! what gives you the right to speak to people like that?? you think you're soo fucking clever.

But anyway thanks for the link. it was very educational.
11 years ago
god the beging of that video sounded like people running in a swamp
11 years ago
fuck you smatchy, just cause you googled female ejaculation, dont go around acting like your a fucking expert now. jackoff
11 years ago
VaaaaaaGINA! :)
10 years ago
right in the ass
6 years ago
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