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Miss Piggy


It works better with baby pandas. 18+


by yak

submitted November 26th 2006

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Someone ate well today.
11 years ago
Reminds me of the age old question: "Would you rather have sex with a woman that has fucked 1000 men, or a woman that has fucked one animal?"
11 years ago
Thats not rgiht.
11 years ago
Japanese game shows sure are fucked up!
11 years ago
that was kinda cute, in a disturbing sort of way. that little pig was cute.
11 years ago
it would be really funny if the pig just bit her clit off
11 years ago
I'd be more impressed if she'd used peanut butter and a great Dane.
11 years ago
As soon as i figured out what was going to happen I bailed, only sick little kids (and japs) would like this stuff...wtf?
11 years ago
the pig was so cute
poor thing
11 years ago
They've got a little pig eating a chick out. Why do they bother blurring it out? I know, I know, it's the law in Japan. But seriously.
11 years ago
Her vagina looked like austin power's chest.
11 years ago
mabey thats how cops get married.
11 years ago
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