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Treadmill Pwned

I don't think he was expecting the reaction to be quite that bad.. I wonder how fast it was going?


by yak

submitted November 27th 2006

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I wish it were an escalator. :(
12 years ago
idiot... at least I use an eliptical cause I'm not fast enough. Yes, I admitted to being fat. At least I go to the gym 3 times a week.
12 years ago
Good for you, I however am not fat and can laugh at that person more because running is for the french...im french
12 years ago
Bastardo: Don't forget 'dropping rifles' and 'turning over the government' or 'crying like a jilted girl on prom night'.
12 years ago
ha ha @ Shep. Good for you subliminal, just don't loose that butt, or them titties.
12 years ago
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