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Shovel Fighting!

God I *HATE* that fucking song.


by yak

submitted November 27th 2006

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what a fuckin punk! he didnt even attemp to fight back, he should have went for something when the guy with the shovel kept turning around, he should have just belted him in the head, or atleast try and run away..lol
12 years ago
If the shoveler really wanted to hurt the guy he woulda turned the shovel 90 degrees, slice. I would have liked to hear what was going on though.
12 years ago
ah Chavs, gotta love them

Chav with shovel: "oi blud you nicked my Nova's stereo"
Chav 2: "no i never!" (shit, my cru aint here so can't fight back)

helps if you americans know what a chav is tho, seems to be a british/european thing
12 years ago
@freshlikeuh: the original can be found here on MS i believe.. yak probably knows where.

@yak: me too, the writer should be shot.

oh, and death to the guy with the shovel. he could've killed the other guy..
12 years ago
nah the song kicks ass, good stuff
12 years ago
that song is the theme to Benny Hill

and it's called Yakaty Sax
12 years ago
love that song, can fit for so many things. what compels a person to let themselves be hit by a shovel?
12 years ago
love that song. i humm it all the time.
12 years ago
I'm definately with gta2800...soon as the guy turned to talk, I probably would have put all my weight behind a kick for closest knee, usually a pretty quick way to end a fight considering most people don't expect it...or see it comming...

Didn't look like this guy had much of a choice though, seems like he was pretty dazed by that first blow to the face
12 years ago
I saw the original, thought it was over the guy getting hit drinking the other guys can of beer or whatever
12 years ago
Dude, if that was me I would have pulled out my glock...two in the chest one in the head then corpse humped just like those hunting hicks wam bam tag your man
12 years ago
How can you bludgeon someone repeatedly with a shovel and not even knock them down? What a pussy...
12 years ago
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