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Joy Riding Kid Flips Truck

His dad is going to be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed.


by yak

submitted November 27th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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"i got it on camera!"

Lucky he didnt get cut in half and get THAT on camera.
11 years ago
Repost are alright when they are mine reposted.
11 years ago
Or rather unlucky for us k-bill
11 years ago
lol ya i´m so fucked,that made really laugh
11 years ago
wow, I saw this on Ebaum's World over a week ago...
11 years ago
I'm really impressed, King Groovy. Clearly you are way more plugged in to the wonder that is the interweb than the rest of us cretins here at Muchosucko. Thanks for sharing!

11 years ago

Oh wait that's just in grand theft auto.
11 years ago
Fuckin hell, the dude just got thrown out the back of a truck and the first thing he says is "i got it on camera!" That's just fucking sad.
11 years ago
Repost from like 11 years ago.
11 years ago
Hey R-tards, look at the date on the Camera sep 7.02. Thats 4 years ago buddy, and STFU about *repost* if this is the first time it appeared on the site. "over a week ago" ??? it's called circulation buddy. its the internet, get over it. if you dont like it, log on once a month FFS.

P.S: if you've seen it, dont watch/comment about you already seeing it, we REALLY dont give a flying fuck, and couldn't care less.
11 years ago
BTW, that kid shoulda helped them out way sooner. he just filmed the fucking truck at every angle while it was staying stationary upside down? ya, that few seconds of footage after the crash isn't worth JACK compared to a few lives, Dumbass.
11 years ago
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