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The Wild Bunch shootout

"Let's go." "Why not."


by McWoozy

submitted November 28th 2006

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Now that was BADASS!
LMAO @ "Bitch!"
Still think Clint in Unforgiven is my favorite western..."you tell him HELLS COMIN WITH ME!!!!!!"
11 years ago
Good clip. Bumfuckio, I believe your quote is actually from Curt in "Tombstone."

Clint: "Yeah, I reckon I've killed just about everythin that's walked or crawled on this earth... and I'm here to kill you."

All fucking awesome, at any rate.
11 years ago
McWoozy, thank you for posting this. It's a terrific movie and everyone, regardless of whether you like westerns or not, should see this film. Movie buffs will recognize Alfonso Arau at the Lt. in WB. He was also El Guappo in Three Amigos! film. There's also Warren Oates. That badass motherfucker played SGT. Hulka in Stripes (RIP SGT Hulka). And then one of the biggest badasses of all, William Holden.

I'm probably wrong, but does this 1968 film still hold the record for most gunshot deaths over a five minute period? SOmeone counted them once. I forgot how many, but fucking hell, they killed a lot of Mexican soldiers.

Favorite scene (other than the one you posted): when they jumped the army train and stole the weapons.

11 years ago
Are you the real fukkin Chirstopeher McMuthafkkin Walken? Jesus McMuthafukkin Christ! Can I get sum Mc Muthatafukkin fries wit that?
11 years ago
Hand me my winchester, Sam!!!!
11 years ago
i love films where they don't reload.
11 years ago
i love the films where the mexican kid kills all the main characters.
11 years ago
You Holden?

Did William Holden appear in this?
11 years ago
@ ChristopherWalken. It certainly holds the record for the most explosive squibs set off in a gunfight scene. I have it on DVD and I'm pretty sure in the documentary tagged on the end it says exactly how many were used.

Other great Clint/Unforgiven quote: 'If I see anybody out there, I'll kill him, his family and shoot his goddam dog!'
11 years ago
one them looked an awful lot like ernest borgnine
11 years ago
Funny this should be posted.... I just Netflixed and watched this last night for the first time. Took it right off the AFI Best American Films list (#80). Good movie.
11 years ago
^ It is Ernest B.
11 years ago
Hiya Toastieman. I'd buy the dvd, only now I don't buy dvds. After watching this clip I went on and stole it off mininova. Heh heh heh. Internet: it's not just for porn anymore.

Only took 3 hours, too. That's 8350 times faster than Netflix, and it's pretty inexpensive.
11 years ago