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Ladder Hurt

Guy gets smashed in the face with a ladder.


by yak

submitted November 29th 2006

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LOL.... "whooaaaa, dude go behind the house!!!"
12 years ago
I know other species self-harm due to boredom but this takes the cake.
12 years ago
dumbfuck what the fuck did he think was going to happen
12 years ago
"Are you selling or are you hurt?"

Yay, internet wrestling nerds!!
12 years ago
"..dude go behind the house!"

'DUDE, go fuck yourself! How about I just got hit in the FACE with a fucking LADDER?! I'm bleeding, and while not life threatening, well...MY FUCKING FACE...IS BLEEDING!! I don't give a fuck you don't want to get in trouble with your parents for being a retard. I want to go to the hospital to get stitches so I don't have to walk around for the rest of my life with a hideous scar, advertising to the world what a DUMB SHIT I am! FUCK YOU DOOOD! YOU GO BEHIND THE HOUSE!!'
12 years ago
But.... He really IS selling it! Jokes on us!

but seriously, of all the possible outcomes, this was the least surprising. I don't understand their shock.
12 years ago

...This message brought to you by white trash and the Backyard Wrestling Federation (bringing millions of stupid videos to your screens everyday)...
12 years ago
he appears to have hurt his arm before he even gets hit in the face

and that was one huge piece of skin hanging from his head lol
12 years ago
He sells it well and im a buyin.
12 years ago
is there a Michael Richards joke here somewhere? ..... please?
12 years ago
You could tell what was going to happen from the thumbnail. The fact that it was a backyard wanker...sorry, I mean backyard wrestler, that just made it even funnier :D
50 years ago he'd be upside with the fucking ladder up his ass.
12 years ago
Wrasslin' and Jackass. Modern America's way of continuing natural selection.
12 years ago