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Boat vs Bridge

Decisive victory I'd say.


by yak

submitted November 29th 2006

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i would love to see the look on the dude face that runs that bridge after that.
12 years ago
I wonder how much structural damage was caused to the bridge.
12 years ago
I would bet the guy called the bridge to draw and the conductor either was sleeping or the bridge malfunctioned...but if that captain just figured he'd make it ...well, he better figure hes never going to sail again, thats a major fuckup
12 years ago
bridge -1 / boat - 0. (final score)
12 years ago
I'll hedge a bet on the Captain being pissed up with more than a couple of dark rums warming his salty cockles. Either way, after he gets sacked I hope he doesn't come to England and sail down the Manchester Ship Canal
12 years ago
^ Wow... uh... the only british idiom I know is that 'fag' means 'cigarette'.
12 years ago
Steve Zissou ftw
12 years ago
Booddles - You're funny.
But back to the video. I thought I would have enjoyed the destruction, but when you see the guy taking the time to close the door and then run in the wrong direction and then turn aruond and run again.......It's kind of sad.
But I did like the song. Does anyone know it?
12 years ago

Wheelsman has balls of titanium.

"...the vessel's third mate watched from the pilothouse as the bridge span was raised to allow their vessel to pass underneath.

But as the pilothouse neared the bridge, the span unaccountably began coming down. Capt. Strong quickly ordered his men to abandon the pilothouse, and then he and the third mate scrambled down an external ladder running from the pilothouse wing to the deck below. Hiscock, concerned the boat would drift out of control if he left the wheel, dropped to the floor as the vessel's pilothouse and the bridge span collided with the shriek of ripping steel.

As the Windoc slid under the bridge, the span ripped apart the thin-skinned pilothouse, passing above Hiscock by only two feet."
12 years ago
I think the music wins. Great post.
12 years ago
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