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Another Failed Car Jump

Thats how you bust your face.


by yak

submitted November 30th 2006

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Good job Tommy, you fuckin hick ass stupid Jabroney.............
12 years ago
It's as if this is what they truly wanted to be when they grew up.
12 years ago
Why the fuck is it that everytime we get to the money shot, someone has to get in the way of the camera's view???? WTF!
12 years ago
DANG! And that car was haulin ass too!
12 years ago
His foot catches the wiper .... I think. He's trying to act hard and not cry because his fucking face ate shit. Ironically acting hard is what got him to jump the stupid rolling thunder car in the first place.
12 years ago
I feel pity for the car. lol @ how quickly he said "YEAH I'M FINE"
12 years ago
<insert funny comment here>
12 years ago
<funny comment>

12 years ago
^^^ There
12 years ago
dee dee dee
12 years ago
Fine my ass! lol
12 years ago
That fucker in the green shirt made a better door than a window...
12 years ago
"I said my fucking windscreen's already clean!"
12 years ago
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