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Pickle Girl

HELP! Pickles are destroying my life!!!


by yak

submitted November 30th 2006

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MOM:whats wrong sally?
SALLY:theres something under my bed! its scarin me!
MOM:aww the boogy monster botherin u?
12 years ago
This can not be fucking real.... I'm come on... pickles??? WTF?? I'd pay $1000 to fuck her with a nice giant dill... her head would prolly explode and I'd have muchosucko gold.
12 years ago

I remember watching this on tv a few years ago. I love the Maury show he brings freaks and people with hilarious problems on his show just kinda to exploit them and then gives them like a fifty dollar gift certificate to Fred's Market or something equaly useless to justify it. It's fucking hilarious!

"I hate the shape..."<----lol
and they take her to a pickle factory exactly where she wants to be, to see her run in fear of a fucking pickle. Maury has a great show.
12 years ago
you've got to be kidding me...

12 years ago
I've gotta fat pickle that she'd be scared of, man... No, really, I just got back from the Market and their pickles are huge this week!
12 years ago
I wanna see her in a bukakke pickle porn, just to hear her scream from 5 blocks away, and she can cry and cry and cry allll she wants....

haha, I wonder what she would do if they brought out a plate full of severed penises?
12 years ago
haha oh man
wasn't there a person who was afraid of tin foil on the maury show?
12 years ago
So lemme get this straight...your scared of something, terribly scared, paraniod and freaked out to death of something and then you go on a tv show and tell the whole world about it so no one bothers you...lets face it she wants the pickles
the attention whore she is...
12 years ago
people like this need to be killed at birth.
12 years ago
Fake probably but if its a real phobia she may have been sexually molested when she was a small child. The phallic shape may be what shes scared of or a pickle may have been part of the abuse. I once knew a woman who was scared of battery cables because in her country El Salvadore they were used to torture people.
12 years ago
Don't laugh. I've seen where pickles come from...right here on muchosucko!
12 years ago
Why even put this shit on here?
If i wanted to fucking watch maury, i'd turn on the tv.
12 years ago
wifebeater go to hell
12 years ago
^and don't come back or we'll have subliminalvommit sit on your face.
12 years ago
btw lol it would be great if maury would grab a pickle out of his back pocket when he was behind the scenes with her, and then stab her with it.

@cainkane1: daddy used a pickle is my guess..
12 years ago
If I were Maury I would have slipped a pickle into her shoe.
12 years ago
So is she just afraid of pickles, or are cucumbers included? How about squash or eggplant?
12 years ago
Just imagine being one of her co-workers at the restaurant she works at and seeing this show. Talk about a field day playing pranks on her.
12 years ago
Someone got visited by aliens. Either way, just look at the pickle girl in the pickle factory become the next big reality show. Fucking reality TV.
12 years ago
lol at wifebeater's comment
12 years ago
if i was her coworker i'd be pissed once i found out the reason why I ALWAYS HAD TO GET THE FUCKING PICKLES!! on a side note, anyone ever see dane cook's joke about the pickles when he worked the drive through? :X
12 years ago
SHOVE IT IN HER ASS...again...and shell be cured
12 years ago
There, there little girl

I'll help you overcome those fears
4 years ago
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