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Another great faceplant

they just keep on coming, dont they? NEXT!


by McWoozy

submitted December 1st 2006

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hey Iranian is back
i know u missed me, i was on a vacation.
12 years ago
well at least he wasnt that handsome before
12 years ago
WTF did his friend fall for
12 years ago
he surely died shortly after this
12 years ago
That sounded like egg shells cracking when he hit the pavement. :P
12 years ago
He died of a broken head?
12 years ago
Was that his nose that we heard?
12 years ago
You kinda expect stuff like this to happen who wear sun visors backwards like that...
12 years ago
Dude is your nose alright? How's your nose? Did you land on your nose? It sounded like you hit your nose?
12 years ago
Did he forget about those appendages called arms?
12 years ago
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he'll really need to pick it up in the next round.
12 years ago

That was my best friends brother and he died of severe mental retardation shortly afterwards. Not funny. Not funny at all.
12 years ago
^^ Actually, the mental retardation makes it just that much more funny...

P.S. Does the fact that every faceplant video contains the phrase "are you alright/ok?" make them that much more funny?
12 years ago
walk it off pussy, good hussle good hussle
12 years ago
not even a nose bleed???? How did he manage to do that?
12 years ago
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