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Tribute to his work.


by McWoozy

submitted December 1st 2006

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Most ppl on here are yanks so unless its deepfried or in bright colours you have trouble keepin their attention
12 years ago
probably some of the best graffiti i've seen.... too bad people don't take time to do this kind of stuff more often..
12 years ago
At least there's some thought put into this. I'd vote to allow this kind of work provided people who tag for the sake of tagging are allowed to be set upon with large planks of wood for their pointless scrawl.
12 years ago
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12 years ago
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^ jk
12 years ago
Banksy is fucken awesome, well him and Shepard Fairey.
12 years ago
that was pretty cool.. i'm wondering now if the ChikFilA ads are Banksy also..
12 years ago
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