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How to ingratiate yourself with the police

Theres some sort of weird homoerotic bonding going on here.


by McWoozy

submitted December 2nd 2006

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I wonder what would happen if there were no cameras
12 years ago
It was like the muchosucko comment section played out on film. :) Classic!
12 years ago
I'm gonna...I could...yer a...how 'bout we...
Yeah, ok, shut up. In the van, let's go.
12 years ago
I hope the judge sentences the a-hole to watch this video 100 times. Why should we be the only ones punished?
12 years ago
I got arrested for public intoxication once. I was just drunk but not causing any problems. The cop called me a dumbass so it goes both ways.
12 years ago
that dude was hilarious ... *sigh* man hicks are a funny breed
12 years ago
The best part is when he blabbers on about how he'll be sueing if theres any physical damage inflicted on him because he's white, but doesnt seem to realize that all the cops are too - "I'm white and I'm right"...Might have worked if he was black or hispanic though...

It is funny how people fail to realize they forefit any sense of their credibility when they act like a crazy drunken asshole...just because your drunk doesn't mean you can't think half decently.
12 years ago
he is going to wake up hungover in a cell as the bitch of that black dude from the other day. hope he knows how to do laundry.
12 years ago
that's fucking hardcore
12 years ago
he must be very proud of himself
12 years ago
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