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Annoying ref

White guy just wants to hug.


by McWoozy

submitted December 2nd 2006

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idiot had no self control and cost himself the fight, fuck knows why the clip's called "Annoying ref".
12 years ago
was the ref just trying to reset them to how they were before the timeout, and the black dude wouldn't have it?
12 years ago
That was ridiculous. There was no way to reset that. Touch gloves and fight. The ref was being a complete ass. Too bad it wasn't a KO.
12 years ago
hes only suposed to break up and let them start again, wtf is all this hugging shit about, u hug after the fight.
was this freefight ?
12 years ago
The black dude just wanted to get back to business, and that fucken nub ref was tryin to get all grabby on his wrist to reset the fight, thats what was annoying.
12 years ago
^you're a jackass.. heh.. apparently rules don't matter and the fact the black dude wasn't cooperating makes no difference.. if the fight sucked.. it's cuz the black dude's an idiot and he has black rage.. hehe
besides.. even though it's a hard position to reset, it's still possible.. the black dude could have easily complied for 2 seconds then been back to business..
12 years ago
^do u take breathing breaks between typing or sumthing? wats w/ all the "..."
12 years ago
the rules are to remove the fighters from the ropes and put them into the identical position as on the ropes. the ref was doing his job, but the fighter did not want that. so he will likly never fight again, and be fined by the commision. he deserves everything they do to him in my opinion. this is regulated fighting, not street fighting.
12 years ago
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