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Metal Queen (of the cheese) - Lee Aaron

A classic! Gotta love the steamy schweaty bondage fire scene in the middle. You all know you'd tap it. Coencidently last I heard she was playing jazz piano in a hotel lounge in Vancouver...seriously.

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by Bumfuckio

submitted December 2nd 2006

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The guitarist looked like the dude from spinal tap only balding.
11 years ago
pshh metal gueen, listen to fucking anglina grossow(somethin like that) from Arch Enemy
that shits fucking nuts
11 years ago
This video and song reminds me of Limozeen from HomestarRunner.com.
11 years ago
More Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap
11 years ago
i couldn't tell the chick from the dudes. just a bunch of long haired, spandex wearing fags.
11 years ago
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