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3/8 Kilo compilation from Ramadi, Iraq: Part 2

the rest of it.


by Stephen

submitted December 2nd 2006

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In memory of...
Call in the Airpower, root out the rest, clean up the mess.
God love ya.
12 years ago
is that some kind of poem or somthing? i hurd one kinda like that if it is:

and when i get to heaven to saint peter i will say, one more solder reporting sir, iv served my time in Hell
11 years ago
Whats with the dumbass (shit) heavy metal music ??
12 years ago
yeh the music kills the video
12 years ago
whats with your uneducated ass?
12 years ago
SlipKnot is the shit you fucking dumb ass
11 years ago
What wretched fucking propaganda. Was there a draft? Was there an invasion of the US? Oh, I guess not. I suppose, then, that the right to kill was bought and paid for by the fallen in Ramadi. Forgive me if I don't shed any tears. Genital mutilation and failed suicide is one thing, but genocide is another. Please, man, enough of this shit.


In memory of the 50,000 civilians who had the ill luck to run across people like these.
12 years ago
wow, the very first uneducated liberal who has never done anything for anyone but hi...er, herself?! The first thing you should know is that I am sitting here reading all of the misguided bs, media fed, armchair heros bs you spew out to everyone! Oh its ok, I respect your right to speak! After all, I am sitting here in Mosul, Iraq protecting your future, which at this point is pointless! Read the facts from, Iraqi military reports, US intelligence reports(not politically produced), Troop field reports and the statistics from the UN security council. Of those 50,000 + deaths now in the 100 0's of thousands, 52% are from insurgent attacks, 43% and rising, are from secratarian violence.....95%!!!!!!!!!! This is fact! 5%+/- are results of American forces! Wake the fuck up! Your the same fucks who run the media and run your mouths. Get the fuck off your couch, pull your dick out your dads' ass and join the service! You will find out how much NAZI bullshit you have been fed from your own head! Got anything else to say! email me privately and i'll give you a number to call!
12 years ago
dude. your. gay.
12 years ago
no. that. music. was. gay.
12 years ago
shane dont worry we will still keep ur worthless ungrateful piece of shit ass safe even thoe u trash us. U bastards are free to leave at anytime. So why dont all u bitches get the fuck out since we are so evil. If ur from another country go fuck yourself and quit hating on the best! Thank you
12 years ago
Stephen is bush troll
12 years ago
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