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Guy gets his head beaten and bloodied over a crack deal

Always pay up or dont get fronted stuff u cant pay for.


by Stephen

submitted December 2nd 2006

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i reckon the guy had steel toe caps to do that much damage. oh, doubt if it was for crack btw.
12 years ago
Those guys are pretty hardcore with their bicycles. I'm glad I drive because I probably wouldn't want to fuck with that guy.
12 years ago
So wots at then...those nickelbag dealers crowing achievement...that'll come back on em 7 fold, the wankers....
but business is business and all pay to play I guess...personally I wouldve got up and shit kicked that little fag.
12 years ago
...and that's what we call an ass kicking on fifth...as the guy is getting to his feet.
Crack dealers on bicycles. What is this, a parody of "Fridays"?
Muthafukka PLEASE!
Oh yeah, they're British. Stick to comedy. You guys do that better. ;)
12 years ago
hmmm some dude owes me a 100 for about a month now, im gona crack open his skull and post it here on April 1st.
stay tuned.
12 years ago
You use dope you got to be able to pay for it.
12 years ago
KJELL, you'd kick somebody's ass for $100 bucks??

LOL, you lowlife piece of trash. Post that video...I expect to see wife beaters and backwards ballcaps, plenty of cussing, and don't forget the trailers!
12 years ago
You think that's bad, you should see how irate my wife gets when they overcharge her a few cents at the supermarket.
12 years ago
Can someone translate this shit please?
12 years ago
He said"
"Now see wot ya done made me do now mate! I outta give you a thrashin for all this bullocks sire!"
12 years ago
All that for $40 bucks??? Or did I not hear it right....? Well that's like $80 here...so not too unreasonable.
12 years ago
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