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Reefer Madness

'Listen to Jesus Jimmy' an anti smoking song from the musical Reefer Madness. Classic.


by Don-Vito

submitted December 3rd 2006

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this made me really sad..
12 years ago
i love getting high
12 years ago
this makes me wish the premiss behind the da vinci code was real...
12 years ago
prohibition was and still is a scam... anslinger got to create laws based of bullshit.. and because of that, just like today, we can see how much the American government isn't mature enough to admit they made a mistake.. (prohibition/iraq) in any case.. marijuana is the safest drug known to man.. (and that includes alcohol and cigarettes) - don't believe me.. do some research..
12 years ago
wow, that was better and funnier then I thought. I'm gonna have to rent this and get BLOWN while I watch it. The irony will make it twice as funny
12 years ago
I agree, c00k13puss.
12 years ago
TBCIV4, thats exactly what I did. Best way to watch this thing :)
12 years ago
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