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Paintball to the head

Kid takes paintball shot to the head


by Stephen

submitted December 3rd 2006

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That was awesome. Paintball is by far the coolest outdoors game I have played. But not on a course. It's gotta be in the woods where you can cover yourself up with leaves and then wait for your prey. Sniping people from accros a feild is very rewarding as well. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
12 years ago
why not do this in real life with real guns? heck lot more fun to me. i know someone who gets a hardon when he gets shot at.
12 years ago
12 years ago
i agree K-Billy. Speedball isn't as fun as romping thru the woods commando style. man, after playing gears of war, i want to go paintballing soon (even though it's way to fucking cold) :P
12 years ago
fuckin campers...
12 years ago
HAHA he got owned
12 years ago
I duno I used to play strictly woods ball but then a couple years ago a buddy of mine got me into speed ball, just soo much more of a rush

I think if you take it seriously you can't really find anything better than speedball...well provided you have a high end gun...
12 years ago
12 years ago
Me and some mates went up against a team who played every weekend - those fuckers would buy extra ammo take it home and FREEZE it. I know how that kid felt.
12 years ago
He deserved it. Even an idiot would know not stand out in the open like that.
and what a fucking pussy, falling and droping your gun just from taking one in the head.

12 years ago
if they froze that shit they lucky they didnt kill someone, and i thought all that shit was inspected like right before the match
12 years ago
that and it blew up on him so it wasnt frozen and anyone who freezes there rounds will be removed forever and can even have charges brought up on them
12 years ago
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