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Disco Bus

This bus would be a cool ride on the way there, but if you\'re feeling rough on the way home - it ain\'t gonna help any.


by Django

submitted April 15th 2006

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Disco Bus
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No comments. Why don't you go ahead and post one!? <- my point exactly, it seems we to have reached a new level of silly stupidness.
12 years ago
That looks just like the bus i took to school....after the pot and acid i did every day.
12 years ago
something for snivvle and his rat friend to enjoy?
12 years ago
i like the pole in the middle, some dumb bitch will dance on it
12 years ago
Is this in Dubia too?
12 years ago
^ blah Dubai
12 years ago
Man i should tell my dad to buy one of these 4 when i go back to dubai this summer. Damn. One must drink and party on the road too.
12 years ago
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